Most people on the road are courteous and let you get on with your day, we work for a living and we are sometimes labeled old fogies by impatient drivers, not necessarily young ones either, they give us a bit of stick until they get past us.

More importantly though unless we win lotto, we will need to keep working until retirement age, but the Government is looking at upping the retirement age to 67, eek, I was looking at putting the cue in the rack at 65, so to speak.

Hopefully our super will be enough to make us self sufficient, but you never know whats going to meet you around the corner.

Look at the tragedies recently, you never know when your life will change in a second; back pain is one thing that can either creep up on you or hit you like a southbound train heading north.

Thats where we come in, you never know when you’ll need your TENS machine, wether you are on the road or on a cruise in the South Pacific, we at Tens Relief are here to help, we provide quality service and a quality TENS products, give us a call and we can help.