Over the years people have asked what is the difference between TENS which is an acronym for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and EMS which is also an Acronym for Electrical Muscle Stimulation.

EMS stimulates the muscle nerves and TENS stimulates the sensory nerves is great for back pain.

EMS must have a work period and a rest period, also a ramp up and ramp down to function correctly.

TENS does two things, high frequency blocks the pain signals, anything above 50Hz is high frequency, low frequency generates endorphins, the lower the Hz the more endorphins it produces.

Our MK111 pictured is a combination of TENS and EMS and can be purchased here at Tens.com.au

Had a new customer complaining about sore muscles, she was advised by her physio that her pain was possibly from lactate acid buildup as she had started exercising and doing squats after a 6 month lay off. His advice to her was to buy an ems machine so as she could use the machine on her sore muscles. The MK111 is a great machine.

EMS has been used in the rehabilitation field for many years to treat and prevent the degeneration that can occur with the prolonged immobilisation or partial denervation of muscles. This is now after pain management, the most popular use of electro stimulation.

Research and advancements in technology and engineering have made EMS a safe and highly effective system for selective muscular training as an aid to physical exercise.

Hope this helps