At Tens Relief we offer great service with a smile and its FREE.

Whats the number one thing that buyers HATE, it’s pushy salespeople, and hurrying you up so they can move to the next sale, well I’m here to tell you, we are not pushy and we don’t tell lies when selling you a tens machine.

Pushy salespeople are like the possum up a tree they sit and wait watching you with their beady eyes and pounce when you least expect it.

If you have a great product like our tens machines why tell lies, it only comes back to bite you on the bum, because the average punter can’t wait to tell you what your competitor has said about you and your product.

We have competitors like every other business but we never bag another product, its just plain stupid.

So get on board and join the Tens Relief team, we’ve been selling tens machines for 11 years and proud of what we sell. We’ll also show you a quality range of products at a reasonable price. Contact Mary or Peter, they are here to help you with your pain relief.

See us at the Perth Caravan and Camping Show from Thursday 20th March to 24th March 2014.

Ask us about Private Health Insurance rebates see what you can get as a rebate here.

Also don’t forget about our free postage on all orders over $75.