Mary and I recently attended the Caravan and Camping Super Show at Rosehill racecourse, and again I was asked again why buy an ems over a tens, and why should a customer buy one or the other.

The question asked, which nerves in your body are stimulated during a session in EMS and TENS. Well in our body we have fast muscles and also slow muscles and it is important to read the instruction manual which comes with the MK111 to see which muscles to treat and and also what pulse width to use.

EMS is designed to stimulate muscle motor nerves while TENS stimulate sensory nerve endings.

They both work by generating electrical impulses that stimulate nerves through the skin (transcutaneous) causing muscles controlled by the nerves to react. You can use the MK111 by using two electrodes or four electrodes.

Electronic Muscle Stimulators provide an efficient way of treating muscle injuries by the generation of electronic impulses that cause passive exercise.

Now at Tens Relief we have the  MK111 which is used for stimulation, contraction and relaxation cycle and also tens modes for pain relief.

EMS loosens muscle fibers, increases blood flow and stimulates muscle growth. Similar to a TENS machines they are found to be outstanding solutions for stimulating nerves.

The Mk111 is vesatile and has 3 tens programs and 8 ems programs and also has 1 manual program.

The MK111 has 12 modes in total, 8 EMS modes which are all preset, 1 manual mode, program 8, which can be set to TENS or EMS and also has 3 TENS modes it also has 2 channels so you can treat 1 muscle or 2 groups at the same time, it also has alternating and a sync mode.

For more information on TENS machines and EMS Electronic Muscle Stimulators, be sure to check out our store.