People ask what type of tens machine would suit me?. Recently a young fitness trainer we met had always wanted to try the ems/tens as she had tight and sore muscles after taking clients on her regular boot camp.

All of her clients met the required fitness level to do the course, but some were a little sore after completing the tasks.
One of her clients had purchased a tens/ems machine and produced it on the warm down. Not wanting to be outdone, the trainer watched and observed the client as he placed the electrodes strategically on his legs and knees to give him pain relief and also sore muscle relief.
TENS can be a very effective tool in helping chronic or acute pain.
Some people have tried TENS unsuccessfully but that was due to ignoring the instructions or placing the electrodes in the incorrect position because their relatives or friends have advised them (how to do it) without any prior knowledge.
So before you go to my store to buy a TENS make sure you know what TENS to buy.
We have 3 machines all from the same manufacturer. The MT11 TENS, is a pain reliever the MK111 TENS/EMS is a muscle and nerve stimulator and also the Obstar Obstetrics TENS with BOOST button is used during childbirth.
Be aware you should not use TENS or EMS if you have a pacemaker fitted, suffer from epilepsy or you are pregnant, (TENS can be used during childbirth, contact your medical professional to see when you can start using the unit).
Most TENS Units come with two channels so you can use either 2 or 4 electrodes. Electrodes are self adhesive and can be used multiple times.
Electrodes will not work effectively if you have oily skin, have applied lotion or sunscreen, have very hairy skin, you perspire, if electrodes have lost their stickiness (use a small amount of water to wipe over gel then reapply) and lastly the tens unit electrodes
are a consumable and will at some stage need to be replaced. How to reorder Electrodes.