As an avid fisherman i am always susceptible to popping my back out. Weather I’m fishing, putting the boat back on the trailer or winding the leg up on the caravan, doing your back is the last thing you need.
What I do for pain relief is put my TENS Machine on let it do its thing.
As a reseller i have access to all our TENS range , but I am a big fan of the MK111 EMS/TENS. It has many features, but program 7 is my favourite. I did my back in 30 minutes before we were to leave for Melbourne last Wednesday, so I put the machine on for 8 hours whilst I was driving on a very low pulse and after two days my back had really improved.
So you guys and girls out there who are regular outdoor sports enthusiasts have your TENS handy in the glove box or tackle box as you never know when you’ll need it.