Tens Machine Conductive Gloves (2)

The Latest Specially designed Tens Gloves conductive garments, suitable for use using all tens ems machines with bayonet and snap 3.5mm filling, Omron tens machines are a smaller pin and will not work.

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The Latest Specially designed Tens Gloves conductive garments are for the hands and wrists.

Conductive tens gloves stimulate and massage and can be used by most TENS and EMS machines.

They are stable and conductive, are low resistance and made of all natural silver fibre.

The fibre gloves are anti-odor and anti-static. The gloves are used in health protection which can help stimulate circulation.

The tens gloves are made from High Quality conductive material.

 This product is the latest technology accessory for Tens EMS Machines.

Therapeutic gloves have woven conductive fibres for hand stimulation.

 The conductive fabric is manufactured from woven silver fibres for even distribution and maximum comfort and efficiency.

 They are intended for use with electrical stimulators for pain relief. This system brings the highest levels of comfort and even distribution of stimulation for pain relief.

 Each packet contains: Two gloves and two snap lead wires.

The conductive garments are especially helpful for people who suffer poor circulation, especially when travelling overseas in an aircraft, tens gloves can be used in flight, as our tens machines are totally portable using 2 AA batteries, which we guarantee for 6 months daily use at 15 minutes a day.


TENS or Electronic stimulators, should not be used by people who have a pacemaker fitted, serious heart problems, undiagnosed pain, or people who suffer from epilepsy. Also not to be used by women who are pregnant see your medical practitioner before using obstetrics tens for child birth. People with DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) should consult their medical practitioner before using this product.

Hand wash only.

 Made in Chine CE  93/42/EEC   ARTG Number 292603


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