5 packs of 4 Bulk Electrodes 5cmx5cm

Product Information – Quality Electrodes
Electrodes do have a robust and quality gel so to get the best out of your tens machine

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Quality Electrodes

Quality electrodes distribute the electricity evenly across the whole area


The electrodes can be used multiple times

Important Information

Instructions for application
(1) Apply the electrode to unbroken skin. Thoroughly cleanse application site to remove any lotions,dirt, etc. Remove jewelry from area that will be covered by electrode.
(2) Remove electrode from plastic/poly bag and fit to the area of the body to be treated. Ensure the electrode fits securely and smoothly, leaving no creases or wrinkles in the electrode. Avoid stretching the electrode too much.
(3) Attach the lead wire to the stimulator (read stimulator instruction manual for further details).
(4) Make sure that the stimulator is turned off prior to removing the electrode.

Product Life
(1) The life of the product is a direct result of the use, care and storage of the item. The electrode must not be used if torn or damaged and high stimulation widths are needed.

(1) Always return the garment to the plastic/poly bag provided, after use. Do not leave in humid conditions and store in a dry safe area.

(1) The electrode is not sterile.
(2) Keep the control unit dry and away from source of heat.
(3) Never connect to high frequency surgical device.
(4) The long-term effects of stimulation have not been established.
(5) This device is for short term use only.
(6) Do not apply to broken skin. Should skin rash occur, discontinue use and contact your physician.
(7) Do not use the electrode for electro-stimulation in suspected or known cases of any muscle disorder, have or had epilepsy, persons with pacemaker implant or pregnancy.
(8) The stimulator and connecting lead wires used with this garment must be in compliance with the related standards

Storage: After every use please ensure you place back on the plastic liner and put back into the plastic bag.

Do not use soap or any substances that may hinder the effectiveness of the adhesive.

Generally the electrodes can be used multiple times.

The electrodes are of high quality carbon gel.

Discontinue use and notify medical practitioner if rash develops.

Additional information

Dimensions 13 x 9 cm


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