20 packs of 4 Bulk Electrodes 6cmx4cm

Product Information – Quality Electrodes
Quality electrodes distribute current evenly and comfortably, enhancing patient comfort. The electrodes are intended for single patient use only. Do not apply to broken skin. Should skin rash occur, discontinue use and contact your physician. Do not use while driving or operating machinery. Do not exceed 0.1 watts/cm2.

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Electrodes distribute current evenly and comfortably, enhancing patient comfort.

The proprietary silver mixture and grid pattern precisely control the electrical current over the electrode surface.

Areas within the lines of the silver grid pattern provide optimum current control. 

Border around the grid pattern allows for an intentional current roll off and eliminates edge stinging.

The 2-layer adhesive hydrogel eliminates performance problems associated with single layer gels.

Polycoated backing provides an additional moisture barrier


How many times can the electrodes be used

We are often asked about the on/off performance of our electrodes. The answer is very simple: The durability of our electrodes depends entirely on the application, storage, humidity, and care on the part of the user.

Application: Before each electrode application, skin must be cleaned with water and soap to remove any lotions, skin oils, make-up and dead skin. Any debris on the skin will be transferred to the gel of the electrode thereby compromising the integrity of the gel’s adhesiveness. Therefore, a clean surface is the most important factor in the number of applications for an electrode.


Important Information

Storage: After every use, the electrode must be returned to the “ON” side of the Mylar liner, and placed in the original, re-sealable package to prevent loss of moisture. The electrodes should be stored at a comfortable temperature.

DO NOT: Store in freezer/refrigerator, leave in extreme heat, submerge in water, or leave outside of the package.

Care: After usage, if the electrode picks up small amounts of debris you may use a drop of water on your finger to gently rub the debris off the electrode. Most important to the care of the electrode is applying it to a clean surface with each use.

DO NOT: Use soap, alcohol, submerge in water, or scrub with abrasive material.

The number of applications depends entirely on the proper application, storage and care by the user. The durability of the electrodes depends on the adhesiveness of the gel and its adhesiveness depends on keeping the gel clean, hydrated and free from foreign debris.

The electrodes are of quality Grade Gel.

With proper care and storage, these electrodes may be used multiple times.

This device is for single patient use only.

The number of uses will vary depending on skin type and preparation, storage, climate and general use.

Warning: Discontinue use and notify medical practitioner if rash develops.


Additional information

Dimensions 13 x 9 cm


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