Well we have been doing a lot of shows recently and have sold many machines to people suffer all kinds of pain, we have had some real fun with two blokes from Victoria recently.

Both were absolute sceptics.

The first was an ex footballer, the second was a building contractor who just had bad feet.

The first guy we will call Wayne, walked past our site and says to me , said whats this all about?

I explained that is was a TENS machine and he said OK, I will try it, but I am not going to buy 🙂

I thought, here we go, here’s a sure sale.

He took his thongs off, and I placed the pads on one foot only, 4 pads on his foot and within 5 minutes he had noticed that he had some pain relief. Wayne got up said thanks and walked away. I thought yep he’ll be back.

Well Wayne did come back, but two days later, he walked up to me at the show and purchased the tens machine. He based his change of mind on the fact he had relief in his foot after the 15 minute demo. TENS has once again gained another supporter and once again we sold to a person with genuine pain and looking for relief.

The other guy who we will call, Simon had these feet that looked like two pizzas.   Both feet were swollen and looking an awful red colour. I asked did he have diabetes and he said no, he just stands up all day and does no exercise, so I placed the pads exactly where they are pictured and Simon had them on for 20 odd minutes and he could tell the difference, and said he  could certainly feel the difference. And what we call in the show business, “I’ll be back” well he didn’t so the moral to the story is that you can’t get everyone.

And for anyone who knows and likes pizzas, will say you can’t beat the ones you make yourself at Home (pictured) but if I decide to take Mary out for a dinner, we would prefer to go to Justin Lane at Burleigh Heads for my pizzas, or to The Fish House at Burleigh Heads or Hellenika at Nobby’s Beach for the best Greek Homestyle Cooking.