As a traveller I am quite aware of the dangers of bending over awkwardly and doing my back in. Back pain is a constant reminder that we are all human when it comes to pain; it can be excruciating and debilitating or just plain annoying.

So what does the average traveller do when they’re in the outback and need to get to a destination in a hurry, and don’t have the time to get to a professional?

The smart traveller these days looks on their iPad or laptop, and they search for pain relief for back pain, sciatica pain relief or the most common, back pain, and hey presto!- up comes a multitude of options.

One option which has revolutionised the industry is TENS, which is an acronym for Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation.

The machine that provides this stimulation is commonly called a TENS machine. For back pain sufferers, nerve stimulation provides relief as it blocks the signals which are causing the pain in the first place. It’s ideal as a regular relief option.

They come in a soft carry case and able to slip into the glove box or into a small partition in the caravan.

Many people have purchased TENS from us over the past 11 years, and you can buy these machines online at a reasonable cost or in person at many shows that we do. Come in and say g’day to Mary or Peter (beware of imitators – this is Mary below, how could someone pass themselves off for Mary?!) and ask about the great Show Special at the next show we do anywhere around Australia. See you there!

Mary at a show

Hope this helps.