Many expectant mothers have anguished over what to use for pain relief for childbirth.

Over the years, there have been alternate and traditional methods but some years ago TENS companies combined with manufacturers to produce a TENS Obstetric machine.

We at TENS Relief also have the OBSTAR Obstetrics TENS Machine.

This machine is the latest in a series of tens machines that we have in our stable, the obstetrics tens has a boost button to press when a contraction starts, the hertz is set on 2 Hz which generates endorphins and when the boost is pressed the Hertz goes to 150HZ which gives the instant pain relief and when it subsides hit the boost button and it retracts to 2 Hz.

Why choose Tens Relief to buy your obstetrics tens, well we are a company with 10 years experience in selling tens machines.

Here is a photo of the placement of the electrodes for childbirth. Many women have used many methods for childbirth and the Obstetrics Tens is a worthwhile inclusion in the baby bag going to hospital. It must be said that if you are unsure if can use tens machines during childbirth see your health professional.

obstetrics tens

Placement of electrodes during childbirth

It is available for sale and also hire.

Contact Mary here at Tens Relief on 0417768885.

If you are in Sydney you can hire through ask for Danni.