Week 1

At the end of 2014 Mary and I decided that it was time to get serious about our health. We have always eaten well and exercised when we had time but sometimes exercising wasn’t a main priority just like tens of thousands of other people.

We are in our early 60’s and consider ourselves relatively ok in fitness but were a little overweight by about 6 to 7 kilos. We occasionally go off centre with our nutrition and have pies, snacks and burgers we possibly shouldn’t, but gee they taste good

Our main aim whilst we were on holidays was to loose weight, our goal was to get to a weight that was achievable in 8 weeks before the end of January.

My aim was 88 kgs (that was my weight when i met Mary 31 years ago),  and Marys goal was (75kgs) she was a little heavier than 75 kgs, I assumed. In November 2014 I weighed in at 94.7 kgs I was determined to loose weight.

I am 6ft 1ins or in the new scale 186 cm and Mary is 5ft 5ins or 166 cms.

We eat well and have a happy hour drink nightly and both don’t smoke.

After hearing all the hype about the juice extractors and ingredients people have been mashing and smashing to loose weight as seen on TV and Radio 2gb we decided to bypass the brand name extractors, juicers etc and buy a cheaper version from Kmart for $40.

After about 3 days of walking 5 kms and juicing fruit, vegetables there was no weight loss or only very minimal (thought it was the bathroom scales but it wasn’t), so we were advised that we needed to exercise more so we upped the intensity, our walk went from 5 kms to 10 klms a day at 6 klms an hour.

Also cut out the 4 whites, Bread, Rice, Sugar and Pasta.

We didn’t use sugar anyway but there is plenty in fruit, so as they say balance is the key. But we were lacking energy and endurance, I started to get muscle fatigue in my calves when we walked.

So we were advised to buy a protein, so we purchased PUNISH WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE WPI 3kg which has FAST ABSORPTION, ANTI CATABOLIC (Catabolism is the set of metabolic pathways that breaks down molecules into smaller units to release energy), Assists in Muscle Building, HELPS REDUCE FATIGUE & INCREASE ENDURANCE, ASSISTS MUSCLE RECOVERY, ALSO IS LOW IN CARBOHYDRATES. It is also available in PUNISH WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE WPI 1kg as well .

We also ditched the juice extractor.

After a week we could see the results, we did have more energy, pounding Burleigh Heads National Park hill was easier and scaling Mt Woodgee at Currumbin  was still hard but we recovered quicker.

We’d come back from the walk sweating and tired so we went straight to the Punish WPI Protein, we chose chocolate as we both like that flavour.

Our nutrition has always been good, meals have consisted of Breakfast (omelettes) Lunch (salads with one white meat), and Dinner (chicken, steak, fish and plenty of vegetables, but in small portions, a beer, a glass of wine for dinner only. We occasionally have a fat day which may include Turkish pide or fried chips with dinner.

After the first week we had lost 1 kg each, remember to weigh yourself the same time each day.

I will give some of our recipes in later posts, this post is at (week one) in but in reality we are in week 9 as we head back to work next Wednesday so I will update the posts from week 1 to 8, and give you an insight into what we wanted to achieve from weight loss and nutrition,  hope you like our little journey. The results have amazed us and our family and friends.