“We only have on small problem. I think we may need 2 TENS machines as we both want to use it at the same time. It has definitely helped with our troubled areas.”
Mick and Treena Kingaroy 
“Peter, The unit we bought at the Alstonville Field Day has helped Pam greatly. So much so I have given your website details to a work collegue in Sydney who has a back problem. Thanks for saving me hours of shoulder massaging”
I am not sure of the date my daughter Leah’s TENS machine rental runs out but we will purchase it for her as she is amazed how much better it is from the last machine she used, once again thank you the MK111 has been a life saver.
Pam, Edge Hill Qld. 
Hey Peter
I received my ems/tens unit last Friday and have used it the majority of the time I’ve had it. Although I have only used the TENS modes I am extremely happy with this product and have already recommended it to friends and family. I chose your unit for 3 reasons. 1. It was small and compact, 2. it runs on batteries readily available anywhere and with my solar charger it is great for defence personel out in the field. 3. It wasn’t just TENS it had EMS modes as well. Just wanted to say thanks.
Regards Shane 
photo copy
Hi Peter
Just letting you know that we did get the order today – thanks very impressed with the service.
I also wish to tell you that I thought your website was really good.
Simple to use and easy to place and pay for the order.
Thanks for the great service
Robyn Kin Kora QLD
Dear Peter
My TENS had been my close friend ever since my neuro-surgery in 2009. Since I fell off a high ladder and fractured my back last August, it has become my constant companion.
Thanks Mate, Mara.