We at Tens Relief travel extensively throughout our great land and come across many people in caravan parks or at caravan and camping shows who for no particular reason, injured themselves or their hips are giving them grief after sitting in the car towing the van for hours on end to get to their destination.

Once you leave your home on your annual journey either up north, down south or over to the west, you always hope that nothing happens to you on the way, you hope that all the aches and pains that you have acquired over the many years stay in your home town and you don’t have to see a Doctor, Dentist or a Physio whilst you are away.

Many customers swear by their Tens Machine and don’t  leave home without it.


MT11 most popular TENS

We have a large range of TENS Machines for every purpose. The most popular is the MT11 it is totally portable like the rest, simple to use has great output of power it runs on aa batteries.

Grey nomads  take their tens machine in the caravan because its small, compact and comes in a padded bag for protection. It fits in any small hole in the van or if you are going overseas really simple to put in your luggage.