As discussed in previous posts we spend a lot of time travelling about our great land to shows and expos around Australia selling our product tens machines.

We like miners, travelling sales people, sports men and women and politicians  are away from home often and good nutrition is vital if you are to stay healthy happy and focused on  your job at hand.

We have a saying that if you are selling your product you need to have your head on when you are talking to your customer or prospective customer.

As a fisherman we try and eat fish at least twice a week, but I refuse to pay retail prices for ordinary fish. Victoria is possibly the dearest place to buy fish and I refuse to pay $55 a kilo for flathead and whiting, so we bring frozen Yellowfin Tuna and Spanish Mackeral which we have caught and frozen.

Recently were in Batemans Bay for the and we were lucky enough to get some fresh fish off a trawler.

We eat a lot of raw fish with wasabi and soy sauce is a must.

So if you are a frequent traveller, don’t forget to eat right, your aeroguard and also your tens machine just in case you fall over a log.