People say that if go on a family fishing outing and dad or mum doesn’t catch one, well, its either bad luck or they just weren’t biting today, or you should have been here yesterday.

But if you fancy yourself as a great fisherman and you don’t catch one well there are the real reasons why you haven’t been able to bring home the bacon so to speak.

Most keen fishermen and women know their art, they constantly look at the wind, moon, tides, swell and the current and if all is not good well you either stay home of take a chance.

But a problem which exists in every fisherman is PAIN and let me assure you if you have a big one on and all of a sudden the adrenalin recedes and the pain kicks in, what do you do, go for a gimbal or get a TENS Machine, well the gimbal wins, you can put the TENS on when you get home.

So Tens Relief is your answer for fishing tips and also pain relief.

This Red Emperor was taken in Queensland in 2013 buy the author.