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New customers at recent shows in Australia


Gary a current customer from Albury Wodonga purchased an MT11 from us at the Caulfield Caravan and Camping Show last year and dropped by to say hello and get a quick bit of pain relief using our MT11 he also purchased some tens unit pads at Cairns Caravan and Camping Show in May


Anne from Melbourne is a returning happy customer comes back for a a quick bit of pain relief at the Caravan and Camping Show at Caufield recently

Anne from Melbourne dropped in to see Mary and Peter at the Caravan and Camping Show at Caufield recently Anne purchased a Tens from Mary last year and came in for a bit of pain relief after a day at the show. Anne said she was really impressed with the product and noted that she still hadn’t the need to change the batteries or the electrodes, thanks for dropping in.

Eveyone loves tens machines

Happy new customer Publisher/Sales Director of Roam Australia
Phillip Terry with Mary at


A happy Queensland couple who purchased a MT11 from us last year, she was so impressed
with the quality of the MT11 she actually wears it around daily for her pain.

As they say happy wife happy life.


A happy Victorian family we met recently in Central Queensland with Mary,
we took the photo after they had purchased the MT11 TENS Machine.

another happy customer

Mary and another happy customer at a recent camp draft

This man pictured with Mary recently purchased a TENS/EMS MK111 TENS. We were at a Central Queensland show, his business is called SNOVAC is a brilliant concept, they compress hay into small sizes for feeding stock, go to their website and check it out


Now its time to brag, this photo was taken at a recent outing in Central Queensland by Peter on his iPhone, not bad if i do say so myself .The rider, Ross from Armidale NSW was in some bad pain before he rode in the comp and told me later that after he had the MK111 on for a while he was able to ride this event, he came back later and purchased it, we at Tens Relief pride ourselves on trying to help customers understand what they are purchasing, we are NOT aggressive sales people, we like to show the prospective customers at various shows throughout the year in and around Australia our TENS Machines and if they can see an improvement in pain reduction after a few minutes demonstration well and good.

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TENS machines work in a two ways.

The small electrical signals block pain signals from the bodys sensory nerves to the brain resulting in pain relief. The signals generated by the TENS machines can also encourage your body to release endorphins.

A recent study showed that backache is one type of pain which was best treated with the use of TENS machines.
Placement of electrode pads is all important for effective pain relief.

Usually the electrodes are placed close to the source of the pain particularly with muscle pain or joint pain.
For sciatica the electrodes are placed either side of the spinal column and the other set on the buttocks and top of the leg where the pain is.


Modes are as follows for the MT11

BURST 1 High Frequency 100hz – 200 us. This mode is pre set and cannot be changed and is used for pain relief. You will also receive muscle stimulation helping with increased blood circulation and pain relief.

BURST 11 – High and Low Frequency
100hz – 50 us (adjustable) We can achieve low frequency simply by reducing the PR- from 100Hz to approx 25Hz. This mode is used the same as BURST 1 but can be adjusted to low frequency for endorphin release and gentle massage.

MODUL1 – High and Low Frequency(adjustable)120Hz – 50us to 250us
This mode can be used for Pain Relief and Deep Tissue Massage.
This mode also has the ability to lower the Pulse Rate to 25Hz or lower to achieve low frequency for endorphin release but has a higher pulse width which has a modulating pulse which will act like electronic acupuncture – i.e. Pins and Needles.

MODUL11 – 120Hz – 50us to 250us (preset). This mode can be used for Pain Relief and Deep Tissue Massage, but has the ability to give high and low frequency to block the pain signal and also endorphin release.

CONSTANT – 120Hz to 50us(adjustable). This mode is also used for Instant Pain Relief.This mode has a more pushing effect and also can be used in High and Low Frequency.

Always follow the manufactures instructions supplied with the machine. TENS machines should never be used by people who have a pacemaker or have heart problems. Pregnant women should avoid using TENS machines as the affects on the unborn baby are not known. Never place TENS electrodes on your head or neck. Also people who suffer from epilepsy should not use the TENS.



Stopping back and neck pain whilst sitting at your desk or work station is not that easy, you could possibly take a brief walk, do some quick exercises or you could use a tens machine.

In most offices you need to sit in front of a computer all day, the chairs at that work station are either old and slack, if you have just commenced a new job, the chair that you would be sitting on either had the bum of the person that you just replaced or it was someone elses in the office who changed it on the day your predecessor left.

How many fights have you got yourself into because an employee has nicked your good chair?

I tried sitting on one of those large plastic balls, I thought that would improve my posture, the ball lasted about 3 days, I kicked it down the stairs and then couldn’t find my old chair.

Anyway here are a couple of ways your posture can be assisted during the day.

1. Take regular breaks.
2. Prevent your back and neck from stiffening sit in a comfortable chair that provides lumbar support.
3. Put your feet on the floor or a footrest.
4. Make sure your desk is large enough so your forearms can rest on it when using the mouse.
5. Be certain your keyboard and monitor are at a comfortable height.
6. Avoid glare from the screen and use your tens machine



Most workplaces are conducive to allowing employees using their tens machines whilst at work. Check with your boss.

People we sell tens machines to are from varying fields, including office workers, aged care nurses, market stall workers, Police or people who stand up all day long with only sitting down to eat lunch or morning tea if there is such a time these days.

I know in my early working life we worked 8 hours, later on in life the work day increased to 12 hours, peoples lives are becomming quicker, pressure is on to pay bills and the last thing you need is pain

WE have these butterfly pads approx 6inches x 4 inches it just sits either side of the spine and let it pulse away whilst you work.

Whats better, allowing your employee to use their tens or the employee staying at home for a day or week and missing their shift.

Maybe the office could buy a tens for all to use at the office.
Pain Management

Now most of us will all enjoy the rest of our lives living in peace and free of pain.

But unfortunately there are people out there who have a daily problem with pain and don’t know how to manage their pain.

Tens has a way of giving people an alternative.

Tens is being used in Aged Care Facilities.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation TENS is a drug-free pain management technique that applies small amounts of electricity to nerve endings beneath the skin.

It is used to treat a wide range of conditions, neuropathy, arthritis, back pain, frozen shoulder and other types of joint pain, muscle pain and post surgical pain.

Other theories suggest that the electrical impulses delivered to the brain during TENS treatment may increase levels of chemicals in the brain that relieve pain, such as endorphins.

Still other theories suggest that electrical stimulation such as that delivered by TENS/EMS may:

Improve blood flow
Strengthen muscles
Numb the painful area.

You never know when you will injure yourself, or aggravate an old injury and as long as you have your TENS at least you can give yourself a session no matter where you are in the world, because the TENS works on 2 AA batteries and we guarantee 6 months out of a set of 2 batteries, no need for electricity.

So what are you waiting for, contact us via email or give Peter a call 0409261624.