One of the greatest mistakes people make when looking at purchasing a TENS Machine, is listening to their friends or family’s story about their experience owning or trying a TENS Machine.

As you are aware if you have been a long time user and reader of Tens Relief posts or blogs, is we actually go out and promote our product at Shows, Caravan and Camping Shows, Expos and Field Days, unlike companies who just sell on EBAY or through their websites.

We want people to try our machines, get them to feel and play with the machine prior to buying the product. We had a recent experience when a couple who i’d call in their 70’s “still young” as Ray Hadley would say, approached us at the Wide Bay Caravan and Camping Show to ask us our advice on the tens machine they had purchased off eBay. Now I could have easily told them to contact the eBay seller but I didn’t, they bought the machine into the show and asked me my advice. The machine was a piece of poo, but their hard earned dollars had been saved to buy the POP so we looked at it got it working we gave them a new set of electrodes they gave us a kilo of beautiful tomatoes grown in their backyard and everyone was happy.

I use eBay from time to time, but these folk were completely overwhelmed with the product they bought for $79.00. The machine had a button to press for English or Chinese and was very confusing to say the least. The machine had 1 Channel with 4 electrodes which would reduce the performance and would have limited functionality and intensity. But good news we sorted the problem and they appreciated our help but I think the product they purchased will be very temporary and hopefully they will give us a call when they are ready to buy a professional TENS Machine.

My point is if you see a truss of tomatoes at $1.50 per kilo and they look a bit pale, you’d leave them there and go to the next supermarket and buy them,  don’t be fooled by tempting cheap prices for tens machines, just because your friend or relative bought a cheap one it doesn’t mean you have a good one.

See us at the following Shows at Penrith, Sandown, Bendigo, where you can purchase a technical TENS Machine which has the ability to change your parameters i.e. change the hertz from high frequency to low frequency, also change the pulse width.

So come on in and see us at a show near you.