When we are away and driving around Australia, Mary passes the time knitting baby beanies for premature babies, and jumpers and cardigans for the family, BUT back pain is a result of knitting and when Mary knits she puts the TENS Machine on her back either in the car or whilst we are in the caravan for the back pain.

She can knit a beanie in 2 hours and jumper in 2 weeks not bad going.

But many people who suffer many ailments including fibromyalgia, find knitting difficult but use it as a relief for pain and also boredom, good knitters are hard to find, and sciatica is another pain that is a result of sitting and repetitive knitting, thats why people buy tens machines to help them with their pain relief.

Give us a call if you would like any info on TENS for all types of pain relief, arthritis is another problem for knitters, sore fingers, trying to manipulate the needles.

Many people in Aged Care Facilities use knitting to pass the time of day but also helps with their pain relief for their physical therapy.

Hope this helps