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What’s in the pack
1 x TENS unit,
2 x AA batteries,
1 x Set of 4 5cm x 5cm electrodes,
1 x Butterfly 15cmx10cm,
1 x Set of 2 leads,
1 x instruction manual,
2 x year replacement warranty on machine

*We guarantee the 2 AA batteries for 6 months


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Product Description



What you receive when you purchase the MK111. 

1 x EMS/TENS unit,
1 x Set of 4 5cm x 5cm electrodes
1 15cmx9cm Butterfly electrode
2 x AA batteries,
1 x Set of 2 quality leads,
1 x Instruction manual on EMS and Tens.
2 x year replacement warranty on machine
*We guarantee the 2 aa batteries for 6 months with daily use of 15 minutes a day, MK111 Digital EMS/TENS Unit,
This 12 mode EMS/TENS is the latest professional digital unit.
Technical Information

The MK111 digital Tens/ems unit is the latest in TENS and EMS technology, a stylish design in one easy to operate TENS EMS unit.

The MK111 is a popular unit which is used frequently by people who suffer pain and looking for an alternative to TENS.

The MK111 has a Large LCD display plus with 9 ems modes and 3 tens modes.

EMS is an acronym for electronic muscle stimulation and is the process by which weak electrical impulses are used to contract and relax muscles to induce passive exercise.

EMS has been widely used in the rehabilitation field for many years to treat and prevent the degeneration that can occur with prolonged immobilisation or partial denervation of muscles.

It has two systems, one EMS and the other is TENS.

MK111 offers much more than an average TENS unit.

It has a  Large LCD display 12 operating Modes, 1 Manual mode which is program 8.

The MK111 also has the  popular Symmetrical Bi-phasic rectangular waveform, it is the default waveform which is effective and comfortable for the majority of people.

A bi-phasic waveform means the current flows in both directions and the current is equal in magnitude and duration in both directions. This will result in both electrodes being the active electrode at equal alternate phases of the pulse and equal sensation will come from both electrodes.

Output settings specifications
Intensity: setting in 20 steps of 6.2mA, from 12mA to 130mA on 500 load
Frequency:  1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
60,70,80,90,100,110,120,130,140,150 Hz
Pulse Width:  30-300us in steps of 50us
Wave Shapes:  Rectangular symmetrical, biphasic or alternated biphasic
Ramp Times:  0-5s in steps of 1s (up and down)
Work Time: 1-40 in steps of 1s
Rest Time:  0-40s in steps of 1s
Treatment Time: Continuous 10,20,30,45,60,90 Minutes
 Programs  Pulse

Rate Hz
 Pulse Width

 Ramp up

 Ramp Down



 Prog Duration

 0  50 100 2  1 8 10 20
 1  75  250 2 1  11 30 10
 2  50  250 2 1 7 10  20
 3* 35  250
 4  50  250  2 1  11 30 20
 5  50  300 2  1  11  10 20
 6  70  300  1  1 6 5 30
 7 70  300  1 1  4 2 30
 8**  50 300 2 1  9 10 20
 9 110 50/250 Continuous 10 sec cycle PW Modulation
 10 20/100  100 Continuous 10 sec cycle PR Modulation
 11  100  200  1 burst per sec 1/2 sec on 1/2 sec off  Burst

ARTG Number: 128036

Please note: Pregnant women should seek advise from your Doctor prior to using TENS Machines. People who suffer epilepsy, have a pacemaker fitted cannot use Tens Machines. 

Additional Information

Weight 0.160 kg
Dimensions 138 x 68 x 28 cm


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