Week 2

Well at the end of week one we were at the cross roads either step up or step back so we did the former and went on our campaign to rid our excess weight.

Friends thought that we were mad doing all this exercise and told us that we needed to slow down and rest as you are getting on, well that wasn’t going to happen i was determined to loose my gut and that was my priority and nothing else mattered.

Unless you work at your dream you will never achieve what you want.

Week 2

So week 2 was more good food, more walking, more weights and plenty of nutrition with PUNISH WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE WPI 3kg

We love our food, and as and example, for breakfast daily we’d have a 4 egg omelette, with mushrooms, shallots, either a moroccan spice, salt and pepper, on our fat day we’d have bacon and cheese. I cooked breakfast every morning and loved doing so. We always do it after the 10 klm walk at 4.30 each morning, i was getting a bit tired going early so we decided to walk around lunch time, it was hotter but i’d sweat more which in turn i’d loose more weight, but still we were only loosing small amounts of weight, getting frustrated we upped the intensity in everything we did.

Lunch was always salad and one cold meat, either chicken, corned beef cooked in the Dreampot and Mary had Tuna.

Dinner has always been a combination of a few foods, mainly steak, chicken, we had already cut out  the potatoes and substituted them with sweet potato, a few greens and once a week we’d have some fried chips.

We also cut out eating after noon snacks, like cheese and biscuits, potato chips, and went onto protein bars which we bought from Aldi, Punish will be selling a portion bar soon, stay tuned.

At the end of week 2 Mary hadn’t lost anything that week and i’d lost half a kilo, still we were determined to keep at it although frustration in not loosing weight that week..

Week 3

Week 3 was similar to week two, doing the same, but we’d been to a few christmas parties, over indulged and possibly drank too much and thought this has been a waste of time, we actually gained weight on the third week, not much but we gained. Christmas was a couple of days away and we knew we were heading to our friends place for Christmas lunch and a big day no doubt, to my surprise neither of us had much alcohol or food, we had it in the back of our mind that to go back to where we were was ridiculous and stupid, so boxing day we really hit the pavement and determination was all over us.

Still the same omelettes for breakfast, now i was putting them in the oven to cook the top instead of burning the bottom and stuffing the pan.

Week 4

Well this week was getting close to New Years day we had a few friends over who also like to keep healthy and also happy and made the point that if we are going to achieve our goal we had to keep our focus and stay positive, its a bit hard when your friends bring over some really good wine.

Well week 4 started positive, i had lost a full kg and i was feeling pretty dam good, Mary had also lost half a kilo, with her determination to do more than one walk a day proved a big step.

Week 5

Week 5 was back into work mode and we were having long walks during the heat of summer, and still drink our nutrition supplement PUNISH WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE WPI 3kg shake everyday.

To my surprise i had got down to 91kgs and Mary was still struggling with her weight loss but it was reducing only slightly, so she decided to up her pace on the walks and simply go faster, her knee replacement was holding up really good and with the use of her tens machine for her pain she battled through it.

Week 6 we’d lost a kilo each, was down to 90 kgs but couldn’t get that 8 on the scales, Mary had also lost more weight which we put down to persistence and determination.

Week 7 Haleluya

One hot day we decided to walk Burleigh Hill National Park which we had done on numerous occasions, but instead of doing it twice Mary said lets do it again, i was getting thirsty (we didn’t take water with us, I was becoming pretty dam tired, after the third loop we went back over Tally Bridge and slurped on some water, i wasn’t going to make it home, as i was fatigued and tired, it was really hot and humid, silly not taking any water but at least the bubbler was there and we at least made it home.

I was stuffed, my shirt was heavy with sweat, i was physically trashed, but went into the bathroom and jumped on the scales, well to my absolute amazement i weighed in at 87.5 kgs, i shouted out to Mary to have a look at this wonderful number, i had reached my goal and then some, I immediately went out to the kitchen and made us both a nutrition shake with PUNISH WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE WPI 3kg, Mary weighed in at 66 kgs she was pumped, i was just shagged, it took me at least 2 hours to recover from that walk and to this day I don’t think I want to do it again either.

It is now April and we have continued with our nutrition supplements and walking, we have now stabilised Mary is down to 62 kgs and I have maintained my weight at 87kgs, as you can see by the before and after photos it is amazing, blood pressure down, weight down and still enjoy a beer and a wine at night.

It can be done, I have lost my beer gut, and it has been gone for two months, occasionally we have a fat day but pretty much keeping to our walk routine and Protein shakes and bars.

Beer gut (1)